Correction: A word was added in a prior version of this story.

How loud is too loud in downtown Sioux Falls? That issue was addressed in front of the city council Tuesday night, and attendees did not shy away from sharing their opinions.

The Icon Lounge downtown temporarily suspended its concerts after noise complaints from neighbors. On Tuesday, both sides of the issue shared their opinions with the council.

“I’m here because I would like for us as a city to allow the Icon not only to continue business as usual, but to grow their entertainment service without being penalized due to noise complaints,” Ileana Perez said.

“I actually moved into the Jones excited about Icon, wanting to attend some of Icon’s events, I do think their regular bar nights and many of their events are fine,” Will Wilcox said.  

Wilcox takes issue with some, though.

“There’s others where the pulsing bass rings on and on, pounds on and on, throughout the night,” Wilcox said.

If you’re living in an apartment or loft near the Icon, the decibels can’t be higher than 60, but it drops to 55 after 10:30 p.m. 

“It’s not reasonable to expect Icon’s neighbors to give up their sleep while Icon fails to meet the noise ordinance,” Jeff Hazard said.

There was no shortage of support for the Icon Lounge.

“Downtown Sioux Falls is the heart of this city, we believe that heart should be loud, and should be pumping, our motto is live music is better, and let’s turn it up,” Michael Yaeger said.

City Council member Pat Starr tells KELOLAND News that the council was not going to speak to the issue tonight, and that the council isn’t scheduled to speak on the issue.  However, council member Gregg Neitzert told us in a previous interview he’s going to propose an ordinance change that would raise the decibel levels for downtown.