Public Input Discussion Slated For Tuesday Night


Public input’s place during Sioux Falls City Council meetings could be changing. 

During Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, councilor Marshall Selberg will propose moving the public input part of the meeting to a later spot on the agenda. He says one of the reasons he wants to move public input closer to the end of the meeting is because of harsh language at past meetings. 

But City Councilor Theresa Stehly says approving that ordinance would suffocate the citizens voices. 

Here’s what they both have to say: 

“I’m already hearing some comments that we’re stiffling free speech and the citizens right to speech. Not at all. Stiffling speech would be cutting it out all together which some have called for, turning off cameras as some would call for, some wanted three minutes and not five, we’re not doing any of that, we’re not changing a rule. We’re moving it from here to here,” Selberg said. 

“This is an attempt to suffocate, to annihilate the citizens voices in my opinion. And it’s just fine where it is. If we need to make some changes maybe in the amount of time people speak, maybe we limit how often a person can come to the meeting and speak,” Stehly said. 

The city council meets at 7 p.m. That’s when this ordinance will have its first reading. 

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