PREVIEW: Tale of two fathers


DNA technology has become easy and cheap. 

That’s evident by all of the DNA testing websites that are now available, like or 23 and Me. People are finding long-lost relatives and families are reunited. But not every DNA test result brings a happy ending. 

KELOLAND’s Angela Kennecke has a preview of an investigation she’s working on for Friday.  

For all of 39 of B.J. Olson’s years, his mother told him his father could only be one of two men. But blood tests had ruled both men out. 

Then, Olson did DNA testing and the results showed that his mother had been telling the truth all along. 

“This error in DNA has cost my mom the last 40 years. 33.  19:11 I even had doubt in her story for a while. I will never doubt her again,” Olson said.  

But Olson’s story is just the beginning of our KELOALND News investigation. We look at what happened back in 1997 that let the man he believes is his father off the hook for back child support and medical bills.

And we see how Olson’s discovery has brought him even more pain and confusion Friday night on a “Tale of Two Fathers,” at 10. 

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