Many children cuddle their favorite teddy bear when they go to sleep at night. Some of those stuffed animals even stick with those kids when they become adults. The comfort and security a teddy bear represents are the reasons why the Presentation Sisters are hoping you’ll donate a brand new one to a child in need. 

This Thursday at Wild Water West is Presentation Sisters Day At The Park. While Sister Lynn Marie Welbig is hoping you’ll come out for a swim, she also wants to make sure you bring a teddy bear donation. 

“Teddy bears are nice to take to bed at night. It’s kind of a continuation of a mom’s love and they feel comfort and cared for. I think of all the things you could have, a teddy bear would be number one,” Sister Lynn Marie Welbig said. 

Welbig and the Presentation Sisters often provide services to poor families. They’ve noticed that some of the children they run into don’t have much, let alone a cuddly teddy bear. The group will take the teddy bears and hand them out to kids in need. 

“From the beginning these children feel less than. That’s why it’s so important to have various services and things to help them feel like they’re not less than other kids are. Then that affects how they go to school, how they see themselves, how they achieve. Their self worth gets elevated. So it’s a good way to start them as little children,” Welbig said. 

You will be rewarded for your donation. A teddy bear gift will drop the entrance fee to Wild Water West from more than $24 to just $12 for a full day’s worth of fun. 

“Our season pass holders as well as our guests always look for those different opportunities to help support the community. So through our backpack program and this is just a great add on to that. Different ways that they can contribute to help others,” McNamara said.

And make a splash in a little one’s life.

You can bring a brand new teddy bear to Wild Water West this Thursday. The park is open from 11-8. Season ticket holders are also encouraged to drop off a teddy bear donation.