Three Harrisburg Horizon boys do the right thing

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HARRISBURG, S.D. (KELO) — Three Harrisburg fifth graders are being rewarded for doing the right thing when nobody was watching. The boys found a significant amount of money on the playground during recess and turned it in to school officials.

Walking around during recess at Horizon Elementary more than a week ago, Jaxon Bowen, Ian Smith and Treyton Zdenek came across some cold hard cash.

“I saw it and like, ‘oh sweet, what should we do with it?’ Then really, I thought the right thing to do would be turn it in,” Smith said.

The trio admits though, it took a few minutes for them to come to that decision. Zdenek says he had a few second thoughts.

“Yeah I did. I wanted to buy a video game with it honestly. Do a lot of stuff with it,” Zdenek said.

After a little dreaming, each boy came to the proper conclusion. Horizon staff members are impressed by their selflessness. Principal Lisa Garrett even called their parents to share the good news.

Bowen: My dad was like, “Wow.” Then when I got home they were really happy.

Holsen: How’d that make you feel?

Bowen: Really good. Because I did something right.

The story doesn’t end there. An anonymous parent heard about their priceless act and sent each boy a $2 reward.

“We just want to celebrate those boys who made that amazing choice. We kicked off kindness week at our morning meeting on Tuesday. So they were presented for that for the whole school. It was just really need to see them be role models,” Garrett said.

Two of the boys plan on saving their reward money. Smith says the feeling he got from giving it back is reward enough.

“That gave me just a great feeling knowing that somebody would get something back that they lost,” Smith said.

“It’s just knowing that someone lost that money and it’s not right to take it,” Zdenek said.

For Zdenek, he has some serious plans for his $2 bill.

“Buy a chocolate bar,” Zdenek said.

A sweet ending for the boys who chose to do the right thing.

No one has claimed the money just yet which is why the school is just calling it a significant amount. They want to make sure it gets back to the right person.

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