SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A lot of people in this area know the legendary story of outlaw Jesse James and his connection to Garretson.

Some senior citizens got a personal lesson about how the bank robber and his gang got away from lawmen after robbing a bank in Minnesota and made their fateful leap at Devil’s Gulch.

This beautiful scenery…

“That’s the entrance to Jesse James cave,” the tour guide said.

….has a bit of an ugly past

About a dozen residents from Prairie Creek Good Samaritan Society took a pontoon ride up Split Rock Creek near Garretson to learn about outlaw Jesse James and how he and his gang were able to navigate these jagged rock formations and hid in the caverns from posse.

“I didn’t know about this, I’ve lived off and on in Sioux Falls since 1960, and I didn’t know about this,” Dee Rice said.

The only way to see this historical site is by canoe or pontoon.

They are learning a lot about the history of this area thanks to the tour guide’s commentary, but they’re getting more than just a boat load of information.

“Just being out in the open air; it’s a beautiful day, beautiful scenery,” Rice said.

It was organized by their activities and wellness director.

“So I did this when I was little with my grandmother and I thought it would be a great idea to bring my own residence out here to experience this awesome pontoon ride,” Taryn Siemonsma-Garry said.

“It’s unusual if you’ve been out on the prairie all your life you don’t believe there is this kind of stuff around,” Don Houtkooper said.

For some it’s their first time on the water.

“I’m a dirty 30’s person and we didn’t have boats and things to play with, so this is an experience,” Joyce Tlustos said.

An experience they don’t get to enjoy every day.

“Living off campus and doing activities off campus is something that residents thoroughly enjoy and I always have great turnouts and smiling faces which is what’s important,” Siemonsma-Garry said.

Smiling, laughing and making a wave of new memories no matter how old you are.

“Yes, I learned that I enjoy coming here and we are rocking people,” Tlustos said.

You can book your own pontoon ride until Labor Day. We’ve attached a link click here.