SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — Sioux Falls’ newest restaurant is offering customers a menu bursting with flavor and steeped in culture. Tears of gratitude accompanied the servings of Indian tacos during Friday’s grand opening.

Native American tradition blended with a modern, entrepreneurial spirit, create the ingredients for a successful and emotional launch of the Watecha Bowl restaurant.

“It’s really a special occasion. I’m glad that you guys can be here,” owner Lawrence West said.

Owner Lawrence West choked back tears as he welcomed customers to his new restaurant located at 2305 W Madison St in Sioux Falls.

“We’re the only Native American restaurant that has a full Lakota menu, that’s our purpose, that’s what we do,” West said.

West started serving traditional Native American meals from a food truck last year. But the full kitchen inside his restaurant allows him to double the menu.

“We’ve expanded it to a number of things, we have the buffalo New York strip, the ribeyes, spare ribs, buffalo burgers,” West said.

Valerie Weddell was the first customer in line.

“I ordered Indian tacos, fry bread, chislic and fries,” Weddell said.

Customers like Weddell say it’s important for the community to get behind a business venture like this and show their support to Native Americans.

“A lot of Indian people want something like this and it makes us real proud, real, real proud to have this in our community,” Weddell said.

West hopes his restaurant will appeal to customers from all backgrounds, bridging cultural divides with each meal served.

“I mean the food is good for everybody, there’s no reason to hide it or keep it,” West said.

West is already planning to expand his business. He’s adding a second food truck available to customers starting next month. Plus, he’s also hoping to open a drive-through restaurant, possibly in southern Sioux Falls.