Spreading positivity one house, sidewalk at a time

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — If you’ve taken a walk outside recently to maintain your mental health during the pandemic, you’ve likely noticed a lot of amateur art on display. From chalk on sidewalks to encouraging signs in windows, families are brightening up the world with positive messages.

With all the decorations on houses these days, you’d think it was Christmas or Halloween. Instead, it’s families trying to put a little positivity out into the world.

Brothers Oliver and Felix Carrier-Damon are joining in half because they want to and the other half becauseā€¦

Oliver: Our mom told us we had to.

Felix: And I think it’s nice. I think it’s pretty because then people can walk by and see it.

Nine-year-old Oliver hopes to see his friends and school teachers again sometime soon while seven-year-old Felix just wants a break.

Oliver: Here we kind of do recess because we take short breaks and scooter.

Felix: No we kind of never take breaks.

While the boys work their way through this challenging time, Tom and Kathrine Schnabel are taking walks every day and are inspired by what they see.

Tom: We’re seeing a lot of things. Signs in windows. We’re seeing teddy bears in a lot of windows. They’re great. Rainbows in windows.

Kathrine: And some of the sidewalk art is really fun.

And the art usually features important messages about kindness and putting out good vibes.

“It’s amazing how creative people can be. How innovative they can be when times get tough,” Kathrine said.

Oliver and Felix know exactly what they want people to feel and think about when they walk by their house.

Oliver: Happiness.

Felix: Happiness.

Oliver: To be kind.

Spreading positivity one block at a time.

If you have some creative window displays or sidewalk art, be sure to send it to us at ushare@keloland.com. We’d love to see it.

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