‘Sioux Falls Strong’ tumblers raising money for One Sioux Falls Fund

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Several Sioux Falls businesses are joining forces to raise money for people impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Rehfeld’s, Wilder Customs and Coffea are creating and selling special Sioux Falls Strong tumblers with all of the proceeds going to the One Sioux Falls Fund.

From losing your job to worrying about food and paying rent, the pandemic is devastating many Sioux Falls residents and the three businesses involved in this story.

“To be perfectly honest, all of our businesses are taking a hit in a big, bad way,” Vanbeek said.

Lisa Vanbeek is the CEO of Wilder Customs. The small business is producing these Sioux Falls Strong, laser-engraved tumblers with the help of Rehfeld’s and Coffea.

“Three different local businesses working together to make a product that the community, I think, will really love and could use. And we’re able to make some great donations to the One Sioux Falls Fund in the process,” Vanbeek said.

“I’ve got employees and friends that are directly impacted by all this stuff. The One Sioux Falls Fund is a great way for us to generate some money and help people out,” Cook said.

Rehfeld’s sponsored the first run of the product and owner Jerry Cook is urging other businesses to sponsor future tumblers. You can buy them on Wilder Customs’ website. Coffea CEO Darin Kaihoi says you can also find them at his company’s Sioux Falls locations.

Holsen: How do you hope this money gets used and how does that make you feel?

Kaihoi: They’re doing everything they can to get this to the right people. It just feels really good, again, as a resident and as a business to know that at least a little bit of help is going to people who could use it right now.

100% of the proceeds go to the fund.

The CEO from Coffea urges everyone to keep supporting local businesses by buying gift cards or sending messages. If you would like to buy a Sioux Falls Strong tumbler, click here for the online store. You can also find them at Coffea. More than $1,000 has already been raised for the One Sioux Falls Fund.

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