SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Studies show that in South Dakota, one out of every nine people is food insecure. In Sioux Falls, 17% of the children in Sioux Falls face the issue of going hungry.

Organizations like Feeding South Dakota work to combat those numbers — and one man in Sioux Falls is helping them.

Ben Forred started the Casual Campfire Supply Co. in July of last year. You can find his products online, where he sells fire pucks and campfire accessories.

“It all started because I have a woodworking hobby so I have a woodshop in my garage, and I would take my sawdust and blend it with soy wax and sell them in a hockey puck shape,” Forred said. “So I have these molds that I use to keep everything put together. They went off of with a hit with friends and family and I decided to put up an Etsy shop and a website and just sell them online.”

But for him it’s more than just a hobby or a business, he also uses the Casual Campfire Supply Co. to give back to the community. Half of his proceeds go to Feeding South Dakota’s backpack program.

“I’ve got four kids with my wife and we have three of them in elementary school,” Forred said. “So just kind of getting to know the school dynamics and volunteering at the school and coming to learn just how many children, even in Sioux Falls, are affected with living at risk of hunger. It’s alarming.”

With most of his marketing done on Tik Tok, Forred has been able to sell products to people across the country, all while raising money for hungry kids right here at home.

“We just were able to send in our, you know our donation this last quarter, to put our ten thousandth meal out there,” Forred said.

Sawdust and wood transformed into food for kids.

If campfires aren’t your thing, though, Forred does have a link on his website that allows you to just donate money to Feeding South Dakota.