WASHINGTON D.C. (KELO) — The legacy of the late South Dakota Senator and one-time presidential candidate George McGovern is being carried out in Washington D.C. today.

Massachusetts Democratic Representative, Jim McGovern is not related to George, but served as an intern for him while in college.

Jim McGovern says that inspired him to dedicate his career to tackle the problem of food insecurity.
George McGovern was instrumental in the White House Hunger Conference of 1969 and Rep. Jim McGovern is asking Biden to hold one.
Rep. McGovern chairs the House Rules Committee which held a hearing today on ending hunger in America, picking up the torch that George McGovern lit 52 years ago.

“George McGovern set an example—and that is when you see something that’s wrong, you have to go out there and fight for what is right. That was his whole life. And he was passionate about this issue of hunger. I wish he was still alive. But those of us who were inspired by him want to pick to the baton and continue that fight until we succeed and end hunger”

Rep. Jim McGovern (D)MA

An estimated 45 million Americans don’t know where their next meal is coming from.
The House Rules Committee hearing was the first in a series of events planned by Representative McGovern, which will the highlight the problem of food insecurity in the U.S. and offer steps that Congress and the Biden administration could take to solve it.
George McGovern died in 2012.

Rep. Jim McGovern chairs the House Rules Committee hearing, Ending Hunger in America