SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Last week, we introduced you to a Sioux Falls fifth grader who wrote a special letter to her mailman. Her gratitude was shared with members of the U.S. Postal Service around the country. Since then, Emerson Weber has received hundreds of letters from people all over. She’s even been featured on the national news.

Emerson Weber’s life over the past week has been as full as her mailbox. It’s a big surprise for the kid who loves to write and decorate letters. It also caught her mom Amy a little off guard.

Holsen: Tell me, this has gone almost everywhere. It’s insane.

Amy: Yes. Last week after the interview with you, we had requests from CNN, ABC, I think CBS. She did a radio interview on NPR. And we stayed up a little too late last night and found out that it was posted by John Krasinski on SGN.

Holsen: It’s kind of been on almost every national news station. It’s been on John Krasinski’s show. Why do you think that is?

Emerson: I think right now, having a story like this might be a really big deal just because it’s a little more happy than others. It’s really helping the USPS get attention that they deserve because they’re doing stuff for us and delivering our mail every day.

They’re also grateful for the long, personal letters people are sending. She even received a note from Senator Elizabeth Warren. Some write that Emerson is making South Dakotans proud. Others are sending special stamps. A fan even turned their story into a song.

But most of all, the Weber’s are grateful for their mailman Doug.

“I think it’s great when people mention Doug. Then we have a giggle. A lot of these letter writers, they have pets, and they send us pictures of their pets. So we’re getting a lot of mini snapshots, polaroids of pets,” Amy said.

An entertaining and sometimes overwhelming result of a simple gesture Emerson made to her mail carrier.

“A lot of people are writing to me to express their gratitude but really I would be really happy for people to write to someone else and make someone else’s day. I’m getting a lot of letters write now. Other people deserve and need some too,” Emerson said.

Emerson says she’s responded to almost half of the letters so far. Her parents preview the notes before sharing them with their daughter to make sure they’re safe.