SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – For one Sioux Falls couple, trips to B&G Milkyway are a sweet treat, and not just because of the ice cream. Two core moments of their relationship were shared at the popular Sioux Falls restaurant with memories, and pictures, to last a lifetime.

A simple question displayed on a sign – that’s how the romance between Graham and Mataya began on August 7th, 2018.

“Wanted to do something special, so I was working one summer day and then went and called up B&G, asked how much it would cost to put it on the sign and she said ‘free of charge’ so I said ‘perfect.’ So, put it on and then we drove here to have supper,” Graham Ferguson said.

“And we were pulling like right up by it and at first I was going to hit him and be like, ‘oh my gosh, look that sign has our names on it,’ like just like total coincidence and then I like, it like registered and I was like, ‘oh my goodness’ and then I was like, ‘yes of course,’ whatever, super cute,” Mataya Ferguson said.

Flash forward exactly three years later, and the couple was back at B&G, only this time in a white dress and tie sharing ice cream and the same last name.

“I was like, okay, three years to the day, like we have to do something,” Mataya Ferguson said.

And B&G Milkyway was happy to be a small part of the Ferguson’s love story.

“And I imagine, later on, when they have their kids and their grandkids and they pull out the photo album, we’ll be a memory,” DiAnn Burwell, owner of B&G Milkyway on 69th and Louise, said. “And, you know what, that’s what this is about. Milkyway’s about being a memory. It’s the families coming for ice cream, bonding, all that stuff, seeing your neighbors here. That’s what I like about owning this place, is just the creating of the bond.”

Lauren Soulek: A lot more date nights at B&G?

Mataya: Yes, for sure.

Graham: Right, right, yeah.

From dating to marriage and now happily ever after, sharing ice cream and love for years to come.

Mataya and Graham both grew up in Sioux Falls and went to school at USF.