HARTFORD, S.D. (KELO) – Kids at a local child care center hope you quench your thirst by stopping at their lemonade stand.

A hot day is perfect for a glass of ice-cold lemonade.

Stepping Stones Preschool in Hartford is just one spot to get that refreshment.

These kids opened up for business mid-morning.

“I like to try lemonade, I like to hold the signs, I like to fill lemonade up,” 5 years old, Luna Lentsch said. “It’s fun, it’s easy, sometimes it’s hard.”

It’s something that director, Julie Young, does with the kids each year.

“Normally we do this in April, the weather did not work so well for us in April, so this week it is nice and warm so it helps sales a lot,” director, Julie Young, said.

Not only is it a sweet activity for the kids, it’s also a learning experience.

“Just from the social aspect of learning to talk to people in the community, working together as a team so they learn that collaboration, math skills, because we count out the cups,” Young said.

With the money raised from their lemonade stand, they give it back to the community. They will stop by a local restaurant and buy lunch for customers or even go to the local grocery store and buy food items for shoppers.

“Started a few years ago when we read a children’s book called ‘Lemonade for Sale,’ about a group of kids that worked together to raise money selling lemonade, and used it to fix up a clubhouse in their neighborhood, so then our kids wanted to do a lemonade stand and then we talked about what we could do with the money and it’s been a tradition since then,” Young said.

Lemonade with a purpose.

“It’s really fun, and it’s kind of really easy, anyone that comes by, they pay and we give them their lemonade,” 7 years old, Abi McMahon said.

They also had a lemonade stand on Monday and Tuesday. Young says each year they’ve done this event, they’ve raised anywhere from $300 to $500.