SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – You’re never too young to learn about where your food comes from and eating healthy.

These kids spent the day getting their hands dirty.

After some hard work, they will have garden beds where they will grow a variety of different produce.

5-year-old Theo Steen has his own idea of what he wants to grow

“I want to grow dinosaurs,” 5 years old, Theo Steen said.

While that may be difficult, he’ll settle for something a little more traditional.

“Tomatoes, so I can make tomato sauce,” Steen said.

This project is a partnership between EmBe and Ground Works and South Dakota Ag in the Classroom.

“Many of them have never had their hands in soil before, they’re learning how to use a shovel, they have teamwork and communication, they’re already talking about what they’re building and what they’re going to plant,” co-executive, co-founder Ground Works South & Dakota Ag in the Classroom, Cindy Heidelberger said.

The garden beds will have different themes, like pizza and salsa, so kids will be able to learn about different ingredients.

“There will be onions, peppers, and tomatoes, we are going to have a pollinator bed so we know how critical bees are to our environment, they’ll be able to see flowers and different things like that, we will have a mystery bed and so they’ll have carrots underneath, and beets,” executive director of child care and school-aged care, Liz Mosena DeBerg said.

The kids will not only learn where their food comes from, but the nutrition of what they’re planting, and even create some food using the ingredients.

“They can interact with their hands, get dirty, have some fun and learn at the same time and fill their bellies with fun and nutritious foods,” Mosena DeBerg said.

Mosena DeBerg says kids already get fresh fruits and vegetables for snacks. They also locally source their meat, like ground beef, from Renner Corner.