SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A pop up food giveaway in central Sioux Falls shows the continued need for food assistance in the community.

Pat East says the food she picked up here today is what’s for supper tonight.

“I picked up some meat and some bread and some sugar cookies and cupcakes, which we appreciate very much,” said Pat East.

Faith Temple food giveaway volunteer, Jane Behnke, knows exactly how it feels to need food. Ten years ago, she was the one asking for the Faith Temple for help.

“I was struck with not having a job and they helped me get on my feet with the food,” said Behnke.

While pop up events show the growing need for help, Behnke says it’s not just for people who are unemployed.

“There are people out there that work a full time job and they still struggle. It’s ‘are we going to put food on the table or buy the medications we need to stay alive?’ So this need is very much out there,” said Behnke.

Tom Jade is another volunteer who sees the need every week at the regular Faith Temple food giveaway held on Fridays at the fairgrounds.

“Every week we give away at least 600 boxes of food and if you assume each of those boxes feed three people, that’s 1,800 people who get to eat every week,” said Faith Temple food giveaway volunteer Tom Jade.

Due to the Easter holiday, there will not be a giveway at the fairgrounds this Friday. That’s the reason for the “flash food” event today. East says this food really helps her out.

“Thank you for getting it and donating it because we all need it. At the end of the month it’s very hard to make ends meet, so thank you for doing that. We appreciate that,” said East.

“The best part is when you can see a child, when they get a box of food and they see there’s donuts in there or there’s a little cake in there, just to see their eyes sparkle,” said Behnke.

A sparkle made possible by generous donations and a lot of volunteers.

If you’d like to volunteer, all you have to do is show up at the Sioux Empire fairgrounds at 3 p.m. next Friday and they’ll put you to work