SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Catfish Bay is living up to its nickname, with the water ski team representing “The Greatest Show on H2O” finding success at a recent competition.

The Catfish Bay Water Ski Team is back on its home turf after competing in the Midwest Regional Show Ski Tournament.

“It is a weekend of camaraderie but also a weekend of nerves and competition,” Catfish Bay President Jim Bruns said.

The event was held in Albert Lea, Minnesota, and featured eight teams from three states.

“What we do is we bring our entire show over there from the stage props to the sound and the music to the costumes and each team puts on their show,” Bruns said.

“I had personally been taking part in the event years prior, individually, but it’s always been a dream of mine to compete with the team, so I pushed a little extra hard this year to get the team to go,” Assistant Show Director Beth Bruggeman said.

Teams are scored on everything from Dock & Equipment Personnel and Sound Crew to Ballet and Pyramid.

“We really aim for consistency where some of the other teams throw really big things, but then sometimes there’s big crashes with big things, so we really went for small but mighty,” Bruggeman said.

Catfish Bay earned the Division #2 championship during the team competition, and added multiple titles during the individual portion of the event, including Team Jump.

“We were competing against other teams that had eight, ten, 12 jumpers out there and we had three jumpers and our jumpers just rocked, it was quick, we had great music, they nailed every jump,” Jim Bruns said.

Catfish Bay won the team jump with a squad smaller than most and the individual freestyle jump with a competitor younger than most in 16-year-old James Bruns.

“I did a gainer, which is a two-ski backflip and I did a one-ski front flip,” 16-year-old James Bruns said.

And he’s not the only Bruns finding success on the water.

“We have a regional jump champion with my son James and then my daughter Amara is ranked number three in the world for barefoot water skiing. It’s a pretty great father moment in those situations,” Jim Bruns said.

A team out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. won the Division one championship. Catfish Bay has six shows left this season, including Friday night at 7:00.