SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A group formed about 3 years ago to help kids in Sioux Falls pulled off a Christmas miracle.

In a matter of days volunteers for Promising Futures bought hundreds of Christmas gifts, wrapped them, and got them ready to hand out to kids at Lowell, Terry Redlin, and Hawthorne elementary schools. A donor gave the group $10,000 to buy the gifts.

Wonder, anticipation, and excitement filled the lunchroom this morning. The kids saw the presents and knew something was up. Then the word came from Principal Ryan DeGraff, the gifts were for them.

Each child receives two gifts including one of these big fluffy baby Yodas and the person responsible wants to remain anonymous. Former Sioux Falls Principal and Promising Futures spokesperson Jan Nikolay says it took quick action to make this all happen.

“So we had 48 hours, promising futures through 3 of us started shopping on Friday, finished shopping on Saturday Sunday we opened IPC, the district did and we wrapped gifts and we delivered them by 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon to the three schools,” said Nicolay.

As you can imagine, these kindergartners were pretty excited. They smiled and giggled as they opened their gifts.

Principal DeGraff says this was special for the kids and for the staff.

“Just very blessed to be in a community like Sioux Falls that cares about everyone and wants to lift families up, I’m feeling so blessed.

Tom Hanson: What was it like when you first heard they were going to do this?

“I think we got the call on Friday and I thought, oh man that is a quick turn around but you know with promising futures and all the volunteers we are just so grateful they were able to make it work,” said DeGraff.

Tom Hanson: And your staff pitched in?

“Yeah absolutely had several staff members go and do some wrapping,” said DeGraff.

Anytime you can go home with presents that are almost too heavy to carry, well that’s a good day. Kindergartners at Lowell and Hawthorne Elementary also got their presents from the anonymous donor yesterday and today.