RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — The first Angel Tree went up in Uptown Rapid City Mall Thursday as the Salvation Army of the Black Hills kicked off their Christmas Campaign.

The Christmas Campaign aims to help more than 1,400 families and senior citizens this holiday season with food and toys.

“The Women’s Auxiliary takes care of the Angel Tree piece of it, the toys and the toy shop and things like that. We’re very excited post COVID to be back at having a toy shop again because there’s nothing better than parents to be able to choose stuff that they want to give to their children,” Salvation Army Area Coordinator Major Jerry O’Neil said.

This campaign also helps those who are working paycheck to paycheck.

“It’s a huge amount for these families, because they don’t have money to buy the toys. They need food and they need to pay for their electricity and their housing and those types of things. So it’s huge when they can come in and get a toy,” Angel Tree contributor Sandy Santjer said.

Now in their 116th year, the Salvation Army of the Black Hills is kicking off their Christmas Campaign. They’re looking to collect gifts, raise food and money for those in need this time of year. They are expecting to help around 2,000 kids in the Black Hills.

“A blessed company that helps a lot of people with food and toys and with everything, and they do a lot in the community too,” Santjer said.

The Salvation Army has also partnered with Walmart to make donating gifts easier than ever.

“We have a great partnership with Walmart where people can do the whole thing online. You can go online, you can buy a toy for a child. You can have it shipped directly to the Salvation Army without even having to go to the store,” O’Neil said.

The Salvation Army’s goal this year is to raise $415,000 to help those in need.

Angel Trees will be set up in Rapid City, Sturgis, Spearfish and Pine Ridge through December 12.