A Washington Post/Survey Monkey poll released Tuesday shows Donald Trump leading in South Dakota. 

It’s the first 50 state poll of Campaign 2016 and it’s the first time we’re getting a good idea of where voters in the Rushmore state stand. 

Trump leads at 43 percent. Hillary Clinton comes in second in South Dakota with 29 percent and libertarian Gary Johnson is at 19 percent. Green party candidate Jill Stein has 3 percent in the poll. 5 percent of respondents have no opinion. 

That’s if the race was split 4-ways. 

If it was split 2-ways:

  • 51% | R | Donald Trump
  • 37% | D | Hillary Clinton
  • 11% No opinion

South Dakota has three electoral votes. 

This Washington Post-SurveyMonkey 50-state poll was conducted online August 9 – September 1, 2016 among 74,886 registered voters, including between 546 and 5,147 respondents in each state. Click here for more details on the methodology.