Touring Thune’s whip office


He is one of the most powerful politicians in Washington D.C., we’re talking about Senator John Thune.

Last November he was selected by the Republican party to be the majority whip, making him among the highest ranking Senators in Congress.

One of the benefits of being the majority whip is getting an office inside the capitol building, but as you’re about to see this office has a lot of history behind it.

From birds to buffalo to B-1’s and the Badlands, South Dakota Senator John Thune’s offices in Washington D.C. have a real South Dakota feel.

If you look up, you will see the South Dakota seal painted on the ceiling.

“You have an artist who draws the seal and then they post it and put it up there; it’s kind of a process,” Thune said. “It’s a great honor to be able to have our seal our state represented in this office in the capitol and to be here forever.”

The office is also surrounded by history.

“It’s an ornate office, it’s been here since the Civil War and a lot of interesting occupants over the years,” Thune said.

Like John F. Kennedy, who had asked the leadership for a room near the Senate chamber, so he could fulfill his Senate duties while running for President.

Speaking of history, Thune points to a black and white picture hanging on his wall of his ancestors and others; one of whom his home town of Murdo is named after.

“Yeah these surroundings aren’t bad, I could do a lot worse,”

Thune says if only these walls could talk, he’d be interested in the stories they could tell.

“You try every once in awhile to step back and appreciate the history but I’m fortunate enough to occupy it temporarily we are all here just for a time and you want to make the most of that time,” Thune said.

He also has pictures of his two daughters; a subtle reminder that while he’s the majority whip, his most important title is still ‘dad.’

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