SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Senator John Thune took to the floor of the Senate today to speak out against a move by his Democratic colleagues to get rid of the filibuster to pass voting rights legislation. Doing away with the filibuster would lower the voting threshold from 60 to 51 in the Senate.

“By getting rid of the legislative filibuster they are forever changing the senate,” said Thune.

Senator Thune says that would be a drastic measure to pass what he feels is flawed legislation. From his perspective, Thune says the voting rights legislation federalizes elections and takes power away from states to make the laws that govern their elections. And that’s what he told his fellow senators today in Washington.

“And thank god in 2020 the states did things the right way. The states certified on time in accordance with the law the 2020 election and if we hadn’t had that if we had sucked all that power up here to Washington DC and centralized our elections what do you think would have happened,” said Thune.

The states sent their electoral colleges votes to the capitol and they were certified, despite the attack on the Capitol on January 6th.

Senator Mike Rounds recently came under fire from former president Donald Trump for saying the election process worked.

“Because there is such a preoccupation in some circles with 2020 I think he was simply saying that election is over we need to focus on the future not the past,” said Thune.

Thune says that is a view he’s also stated publicly.

We also touched on his decision to run again, after some speculation surfaced that he might not. He says another six-year term will put him close to 70 years old.

“You have to sit down with your family and have some of those conversations but in the end, I just concluded that there was too much at stake, too much going on in the country, too much going on in our state and I’m in a position to be effective,” he said.

Thune says his wife Kimberley is on board and he is ready to go out and earn the support of the people of South Dakota this November.

Brian Bengs, Bruce Whalen, Mark Mowry and Patrick Schubert Sr. have all filed with the Federal Election Commission to run against Thune this year.