PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — The ring-neck pheasant has been South Dakota’s state bird since 1943. This year, some state lawmakers believe it’s time for South Dakota to have an official songbird. Other lawmakers are pushing for an official state constellation.

A group of Democrats filed SB 141, which would designate the bobolink as South Dakota’s official songbird. If you’re not familiar with the bobolink, it’s from the blackbird family.

A bi-partisan bill in the house would designate Orion as South Dakota’s official constellation. The constellation is also known as “the great hunter” and can be seen around the world.

South Dakota already has a state drink, state instrument and an official nosh. Do you know what they are? Here’s the list:

  • State song- Hail South Dakota
  • State animal- Coyote
  • State bird- Ring-neck pheasant
  • State floral emblem- American pasque flower
  • State tree- Black Hills spruce
  • State mineral stone- Rose quartz
  • State grass- Western wheat grass
  • State insect- Honey bee
  • State fish- Walleye
  • State drink- Milk
  • State fossil- Triceratops
  • State jewelry- Black Hills gold
  • State musical instrument- Fiddle
  • State soil- Houdek soil
  • State nickname- The Rushmore State
  • State dessert- Kuchen
  • State sport- Rodeo
  • State bread- Fry bread
  • State nosh- Chislic