Rapid City, S.D. (KELO) — Rapid City voters have elected a new mayor.

Jason Salamun, a former City Council member, became the 59th Mayor in the closest mayoral election since 1997.

Mayor-Elect Jason Salamun is ready to get to work.

“And I want to attract the best people to work for the city because that’s what the people deserve. The people of Rapid City deserve the best people working for the city. We have great people now, and I anticipate we will build a healthy culture. That’s what we will go after, we will go after health.” Mayor Elect Jason Salamun said

As Mayor, Salamun says he wants to be transparent with the public, even when dealing with difficult situations.

“So when we’re going to come at an issue together or meet an opportunity, you at least know where I’m coming from. And if I know where you’re coming from, we may not always agree, we won’t, I promise you we won’t always agree. But you know where we’re coming from, and from there we can work towards making good decisions for Rapid City.” Salamun said

As the 59th Mayor Elect, Jason Salamun is going to be dealing with a transition this next month before he is sworn in. As he goes from City Council member to Mayor.

“Learning how to change my role and my thinking from a legislator, legislative to executive, in terms of running the city, will probably be an adjustment,” Salamun said

Salamun served on the City Council for six years. Now he’s ready for a new challenge.

“It’ll take work, it’ll take a great team, but I’m confident we’ll get the job done, and I’m excited,” Salamun said

He’ll be sworn into office on July third.

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