PIERRE, S.D. (KELO)– Efforts to stop transgender girls’ from participating in girls sports have taken several new turns today.

At one point lawmakers killed the bill, but tonight the issue is still alive.

Lawmakers sent House Bill 1217 to the governor, and she sent it back to them with several recommended changes. Monday morning, the House of Representatives resoundingly rejected the governor’s “style and form” veto.

“For me to support this style and form veto would be an egregious violation of my oath to the constitution, and so I will not do it, and I would suggest that you also vote no on these style and form changes, thank you,” Republican Rep. Jon Hansen said.

The governor then did not certify the legislation, essentially sending it back as a vetoed bill. An override would need 2/3rds of lawmakers’ support in both the House and Senate.

“Where is justice if competition is not fair?” Republican Rep. Rhonda Milstead said. “We’re talking specifically about sports and the science that backs up the physical differences in male and females, not access to a public pool or service at a coffee shop, not even an educational or a job opportunity.”

“We should be passing this bill, knowing we’re on the right, and as we lead other states will follow,” Republican Rep. Taffy Howard said. “Sometimes it takes just a few brave souls to step out in faith, and everyone else will follow.”

But the vote to override the veto came in with only 45 representatives: two short of the 47 needed. The bill was dead.

“In my community and communities across South Dakota, what I heard pretty crystal clear was that school districts, teachers, administrators are doing a really good job of dealing with the issues of making sure our sports are competitive,” Democratic Rep. Ryan Cwach said. “And I didn’t feel this was an issue where the legislature needed to tell school districts what to do.”

“We have to understand that these young trans girls are not boys,” Democratic Rep. Linda Duba said. “They are transitioning. They are not taking testosterone. They’re taking hormone blockers. They’re human beings who just want to play.”

Just before 5:00 Monday night, we learned from the governor’s office that she is seeking a special session on the topic of transgender girls’ participation in sports. Additionally, she is signing a pair of executive orders: one that says transgender girls in grades kindergarten through 12 “shall” not play in a sanctioned sporting event, and another saying that transgender college girls “should” not do so.