PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — As the 2021 South Dakota Legislative Session winds down, Governor Kristi Noem shared details on what’s been accomplished and what is left to do.

Review KELOLAND News coverage from Twitter of the news conference below:

Gov. Noem is starting. She said the state has a good legislative session. She highlighted $100 million on broadband investments and $50 for the needs-based Freedom scholarships.

On the 1-year anniversary of the first confirmed COVID-19 case and first COVID-19 death, Noem says the state responded by adapting.

Asked about HB 1217, about banning transgender women from sports. Gov. Noem says the bill is about women's sports. She said it makes sure girls participate in girls sports.

Gov. Noem again says the bill is not about transgender individuals. She said it is about the fairness of girl's sports.

Asked if she'll meet with transgender groups, Gov. Noem says she has no plans to meet but is open to meeting with anybody about any bill.

Asked about IM 26 and medical marijuana, Gov. Noem said she hasn't any further plans. She says she's concerned. She says people can grow as many marijuana plants at home as they want if they have a physicians note.

She said she's disappointed and she doesn't have plans for special session.

Asked again about the ban on transgender girls in girls sports, Gov. Noem says she's doesn't deny transgender women exist. She says the bill will continue to be evaluated.

Asked about COVID relief money, Gov. Noem said the money isn't finalized yet and the state will have to follow treasury guidance.

On IM 26 (medical marijuana), Gov. Noem says the state will try hard to get what the voters passed enacted in the coming months before July 1.

Gov. Noem says the state is still dealing with COVID-19. She said she hopes the state will have a good growing season. She said a lot of companies are moving to South Dakota and worker training will be an important focus.

Gov. Noem said the state wanted more time with medical marijuana. She says Oklahoma implemented it fast and "it's a mess." She doesn't know how IM 26 will be responsible and fair if implemented so quickly.

Originally tweeted by KELOLAND News (@keloland) on March 11, 2021.