A big shift by a trusted political analyst for South Dakota’s gubernatorial race. The Cook Political Report has changed the state from likely Republican to a toss-up. 

The article says there are two factors. First is that Noem should be a slam dunk, but that may not be the case due to the current political climate.

The report also says quote “after winning the primary, Noem’s campaign seemed to take its foot off the gas, seemingly taking the race granted.”

The other factor is on the Democratic side. The report calls Billie Sutton a moderate with a strong personal narrative who has an appealing presence on television. 

They say recent television ads trying to tie Sutton to Hillary Clinton are tough sells to voters because of his moderate record. 

KELOLAND’s Brady Mallory is reaching out to both Noem and Sutton’s campaign and will let you know how they respond to the report.