SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — After months of conversation, we’re nearing the finish line of the midterm elections.

It’s Election Day across the United States.

“It’s my civic duty. I feel I have to do it,” Sioux Falls voter Alan Buresh said.

“I come out to vote because I’m happy I’m allowed to vote, that we have the choice,” Sioux Falls voter Jannie Sanders said.

Nearly 600,000 voters are registered for today’s election in South Dakota, an increase of more than 3% since the 2020 general election.

“Local elections are especially important. I think that’s where our voice is heard the loudest and if we want anything to change or if we have strong opinions about the way things are being done, I think local elections are the place to make your voice heard,” Sioux Falls voter Hallie Franco said.

Hallie Franco moved to Sioux Falls five years ago. It wasn’t a specific issue that brought her out to vote, but the entire ballot.

“Any time that there are potential amendments to the constitution, our state constitution, and big city initiatives or ordinances it’s important to come out and have your voice be heard,” Franco said.

“The biggest reason I came out was because of the slaughterhouse,” Buresh said.

Alan Buresh has been voting for nearly 50 years.

“The marijuana issue also perked my interest,” Buresh said.

Every election has its winners and losers but once the polls close, the campaigning will come to an end.

“I’m glad it’ll be over tomorrow (laugh), it’s been a long political season,” Buresh said.

“It happens every year and I wouldn’t say this year was any worse than any other year, but every year I’m always kind of ready to see the commercials and all those things come to an end, so yeah,” Franco said.