SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Voters in South Dakota have voted “Yes” on Amendment A, which will legalize the recreational use of marijuana. 

As this article was published, 95% of the votes were in. Voters in South Dakota approved Amendment A with 53.5 percent voting “Yes” and 46.5 percent voting “No.” 

Amendment A will legalize, regulate and tax marijuana. It also requires the South Dakota State legislature to pass laws ensuring access to medical marijuana and the sale of hemp by April 1, 2022.

The amendment legalizes the possession, use, transport and distribution of marijuana and paraphernalia by anyone who is 21 years old and older.

According to the Attorney General’s statement, individuals may possess or distribute one ounce or less of marijuana if Amendment A passed.

Amendment A authorizes the State Department of Revenue to issue marijuana-related licenses for commercial cultivators and manufacturers, testing facilities, wholesalers and retailers. Local governments may regulate or ban the establishment of licenses within their jurisdictions, according to the statement

Supporters say it would bring in new revenue to the state, create new jobs and would reduce arrests and criminal prosecutions. They also say it would help people with health conditions.

Opponents say marijuana is highly addictive and can have long-term health consequences. The state medical association argues that the drug carries safety risks and claims it’s not a “legitimate medication.”

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