Governor Kristi Noem has made several trips to other states to campaign for President Trump this election year.

Despite those repeated trips, according to our KELOLAND Media Group/Argus Leader scientific poll most South Dakotans still approve of the job she’s doing as governor.

Governor Kristi Noem has spent a lot of time away from South Dakota over the past few weeks, so she can campaign for President Trump; most recently in states like Nebraska, Maine, and New Hampshire.

During a news conference earlier this month, she told us if President Trump isn’t re-elected there will be consequences for our state.

“We will be back facing regulations, we will be back looking at a lot of the challenges we saw, going after the waters of the U-S, OSHA regulations that cost our businesses money, tax reform will be undone, South Dakotans will have less money in their pockets healthcare costs could escalate as well,” Noem said.

In our KELOLAND Media Group/Argus Leader scientific poll, we asked if spending time outside South Dakota to campaign for President Trump and other Republicans if that has or has not seriously distracted her from performing her duties as governor?

“I think she should make herself as available to the public in South Dakota as the rest of us are,” Catherine Zortman said.

“I absolutely do not think that it’s distracting Kristi at all because she has the personality that can handle all things,” Silvi Beynon said.

According to our poll, 33% say yes it has distracted her, while 58% say no it has not, 9% are not sure.

We also asked do you approve or disapprove of Kristi Noem’s job performance as governor?

57% approve compared to 35% disapprove with 8% not sure.

Our poll has a plus or minus 4% margin of error.