SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The South Dakota Republican Party has filed a complaint with the South Dakota Secretary of State over Democrat Jamie Smith.

The GOP alleges the Smith for Governor campaign committed more than 1,500 violations of campaign finance laws Monday when they submitted finance reports. The reports did not include the addresses of donors.

The Smith campaign has already corrected what they say was an error and included the addresses in a resubmitted finance report.

“We had [an] accounting error, a column got left off,” Smith told KELOLAND News on Tuesday afternoon. “It’s being rectified as we speak, if it isn’t already done. So, it’s an accounting error. That’s it.”

Ian Fury with Kristi for Governor said via email quote “If it’s a basic ‘accounting error,’ then it should have been remedied as soon as the Secretary of State’s office opened this morning.”

GOP chairman Dan Lederman said the violations are a criminal act and is calling on the Division of Criminal Investigation to investigate.

“Given the importance of guaranteeing integrity in our constitutional election process, we are requesting immediate relief,” Lederman said in a statement to KELOLAND News. 

According to South Dakota law, any treasurer or other person filing a statement has seven days to file an amended statement to correct omissions or inaccuracies.