Note: This story has been updated to say that all 10 precincts are fully reported in Walworth County

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A two-vote difference between what was logged on a poll book and the number of ballots counted caused a pause in the completion of the vote count in Walworth County, the county’s state attorney Vaughn Beck said.

Beck said 398 ballots were logged on a poll book at a precinct in Mobridge and 400 ballots were counted. The county followed an administrative rule and the resolution board will randomly draw two ballots from a box to equal 398, Beck said.

The Secretary of State website lists nine of 10 precincts in the county as completed.

Beck said the process should be completed Wednesday morning. The SOS site was updated to show that all 10 of the precincts were fully reported.

The county had a 58% voter turnout.

The county has 10 precincts and 3,561 active voters. The state has 687 precincts and had listed 686 as fully reported for 99.85% earlier today,