A Beresford family has been reliving last Friday over and over again. 

That’s because they got their picture taken with President Trump, but they didn’t have to pay the $5,000 dollars like many others did.

When President Trump walked off Air Force One last Friday; a small crowd of people had gathered at the Air National Guard base to greet him, including the Bogue family of Beresford who got there early to get up close enough to shake hands with the President. 

“We knew if he came over there to shake hands, we knew we’d probably have a chance, he actually spent quite a bit of time with us,” Lisa Bogue said. 

Enough time to stop and autograph Marc Bogue’s Black Trump 2020 cap that he says he’s going to frame. 

“He actually signed it, it’s actually his signature,” Marc Bogue said. 

President Trump also took time and posed for a picture with the Bogues.  They already have a plan for that. 

“We are going to put it on the Christmas card that’s one of the things we’ll do with it,” Lisa said. 

As for their 19 year old son Matthew, he skipped class to be there, because he says it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

“You always see him on TV and social media and all that, but to me he was like a genuine person that was really really cool,” Matthew Bogue said. 

Of course Sioux Falls police were busy with the President’s trip as well, blocking off intersections and escorting his motorcade down several streets.  

We don’t know how much it cost the city to host the President, but the police department tells us they are determining how much it cost in overtime and will let us know when they have a total.