SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Lawmakers in Pierre this week will take on four of the final five legislative days of the 2021 legislative session.

Lawmakers in the Appropriations Committee plan to have a budget drawn up by Wednesday which they can take to the House and Senate Floors for approval.

This year, South Dakota saw quite a bit of money come in that will be worked into the budget, but lawmakers tell me a lot of that is one-time money.

“So what we’ve been looking at are what we call one-time appropriations to, for example, to fix a dam, the Elm Lake Dam is in very bad disrepair, so there’s been an appropriations submitted in what we call our supplemental budget. Monies that have come out of 2020 that were over and above what we thought we were going to have, those are one-time dollars we could appropriate to that,” Rep. Linda Duba (D) Sioux Falls said.

“With all the one-time dollars that are out there, I will say, in my history on Appropriations and my history in the legislature, we’ve never had dollars at this point that we have this year. And I think that can be a blessing, that can also be a not-blessing because you’ve got so many bills that are out there, all for very good ideas, good projects,” Sen. Jean Hunhoff (R) Yankton said.

This upcoming week includes four legislative days, and then the last legislative day of the session is three weeks from tomorrow.