Police Cracking Down On Fireworks


While safety is important with fireworks, so is following the law. Within Sioux Falls city limits it is illegal to shoot off anything that flies or pops. Police want to let everyone know, there won’t be many warnings this year.

Sioux Falls Police have a message this 4th of July, there will be few warnings when it comes to illegal fireworks within the city.

“If the officer is on patrol and sees the activity happening in front of them, you’re very likely going to get a ticket for that violation,” said Loren McManus with Sioux Falls Police. 

Police are ramping up their efforts this year after receiving 294 fireworks complaints just on the 4th of July last year. They’ve already received 90 calls this week.

“My neighborhood was busy last night, I know that,” said McManus. 

Over at Pyro City, off the Tea exit, the Soli family is getting ready for 40 kids to come over on the 4th to celebrate.

“Doing errands, cleaning the house. We’re having people over tomorrow so this is our third trip back to buy fireworks,” said Shawn Soli, buying fireworks. 

However, even with a large arsenal, they have strict guidelines to make sure they follow city rules and keep the kids safe.

“We light the fireworks. We don’t have our teenager or our other son light them,” said Soli. 

In the past, police have had a hard time enforcing fireworks laws because other calls took priority over those complaints. Now, they’re designating 4 officers to specifically respond to fireworks calls.

“Our hope is that we have the city divided into quadrants. So our hope is that we’ll have at least one officer dedicated to at least one of the four quadrants to be able to respond to those calls in a more timely manner, and hopefully have some ability to do some more proactive work and hold some people accountable,” said McManus. 

The ticket for illegal fireworks within the city is $95. Again, that includes anything that pops or flies in the air.

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