The Platte Ministerial Association was supposed to close on the Westerhuis property Monday.  

The group wants to turn the compound into a church camp and retreat center.

An extension has been granted by the estate, as fundraising efforts to raise $300,000 to pay for it continue. 

When the group of pastors won the bid at $370,000 last month, it had the ten percent, or $37,000, to make the down payment.  But the association still needed to raise the rest of the money, or a little over $300,000 to complete the sale. 

KELOLAND’s Angela Kennecke spoke with pastor Dan Daum and he said the closing date has been extended to Nov. 22. 

And the donations are coming in.

While the groups Go Fund Me page only shows $1,700 in donations, Pastor Daum said a lot of the money is just being sent directly to the group.

The pastors say so far, they’ve raised over $100,000 and a private individual, who wants to remain anonymous, has stepped forward and offered to loan the group any money it’s short. 

But the pastors say they intended to take out as small a loan as possible.

That’s why they’re holding a fundraising luncheon on Nov. 6 in Platte at the Community Center to try to get more donations.

But now, between the donations and the private funding option, the pastors say closing on the property next month shouldn’t be any problem.