SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) –It’s called Pickles for Paws, both Attic restaurants and the Gruff Plates and Pours in Brandon are collecting pet food during the month of November.

“Basically all you have to do is bring in a bag of cat or dog food and all November that entitles you to a free order of our fired pickles you can get a domestic beer you can get a well drink or a house win whatever sounds good that day,” said Attic Group Marketing Director Kenny Bass.

The Attic decided on the name because their fried pickles are a customer favorite. To be clear, the 400 pets at the Humane Society have enough food because the organization buys Hills Science Diet pet food from the company at a discount. But it’s a different story for the food available for people in need at the community pet food ban

This is a bag that’s been donated. It is a good example of what is here. If you look right now, you can see that the shelves, well, they are pretty empty, so they do need donations.”

Humane Society director James Oppenheimer says anyone on hard times can come to the Humane Society, show their driver’s license and get a free bag of dog or cat food once a month.

“Community responsibility is one of our core values, and being able to serve the community by giving out food from our food bank is really vital,” said Oppenheimer.

One of the most common reasons people give up their pets is they can no longer afford to feed them. The pet food bank is designed to help those people keep their pets in their forever homes.

If someone wants to buy food specifically for the animals housed in the shelter they can still do that on the humane society website. We’ve provided a link below.