Paramedics Plus And Med-Star Working Together


They may be two separate ambulance providers, but Med-Star and Paramedics Plus are deciding to put teamwork to the test.

Minnehaha County Commissioners are praising Paramedics Plus and Med-Star for their new agreement to work together; But there was a time when that was not the case between the two ambulance services.

“The competitive part of ambulance services won’t work in our part of the state, it may work in other places, it may work in other states, it doesn’t work here because you have two private companies that are trying to exist on the transfers to provide our 911 service,” president/CEO of Med-Star, Jay Masur said.

Now both Med-Star and Paramedics Plus will respond to calls with whichever ambulance is closer.

“If by chance we couldn’t take a trip we’re giving it to Mike, because we know that money is going back into our system to provide the services to Sioux Falls and the surrounding area,” Masur said.

Chief operating officer of Paramedics Plus, Mike Bureau says he’s seen a change in both services since they started this agreement. An example of how they’re working together is using this mapping system that shows 911 operators where every ambulance is at every minute.

“Things began to change in this county, along with responses, and we were asked to attend the county ambulance meeting, where we worked together as an entire group kind of as a first step to create those jurisdictions that you see today,” Bureau said.

A change other services are happy to see a well.

“As all of our county agencies for once have been working together, and that has been wonderful,” Dell Rapids community ambulance service, Ryan Sidek said.

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