Owner Of Dog Taken By Coyote Shares Concerns


It’s the story that has a lot of people in KELOLAND talking. 

Sioux Falls Animal Control is trying to trap a coyote that took a small dog in northwestern Sioux Falls on Saturday.

The next day, a coyote tried to take another dog in the same neighborhood. 

Saturday morning took a sad turn for dog owner Darin Jutting and his family. 

Kelli Volk: Describe to me where you saw this happen?
Darin Jutting: The dog was right here where we were standing. My wife was right behind us, just a matter of a few feet away from the dog, the bottom of our steps. The coyote came from over here, or whatever it was. 

Within seconds, 2-and-half-year old Mia was gone, leaving behind brother Max, who hasn’t been the same since. 

“He used to be outgoing and playful. Now, all he wants to be is held. He doesn’t want to play with his toys,” Jutting said. 

Jutting says his family wouldn’t be suffering this heartache if it weren’t for the tall grass in the drainage area behind his home. 

“It’s the perfect habitat for these types of animals that are sneaking predator type animals,” Jutting said. 

Because this particular drainage area is so large, the land is typically leased to a farmer to hay. 

“This year was too wet for them to get in and hay it,” City of Sioux Falls Environmental and Stormwater Manager Andy Berg said. 

Berg says the city even returned to the area this fall after calls about animal activity in the area. 

“We did try to get out and do some mowing on the higher ground where we could get at, but once again, the conditions limited our access,” Berg said. 

Berg says if the weather cooperates, the land should be hayed next year. 

Jutting just hopes something is done. 

“We all have small dogs. I know some people make snide comments on how we shouldn’t raise bait for animals like that. Well, you know, if you guys lost one of your dogs, or if you love your dogs and you take care of them–they’re like your kids,” Jutting said. 

Sioux Falls Animal Control has several reminders for you, including keeping your animals on a leash and keeping them away from drainage areas. 


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