Having a place to call your home is always important, but sometimes families don’t fit where they live. That was the case for one Sioux Falls family until Tuesday.

It was a lucky day for the Nyndwi family. Six people from Burundi, Africa living in a 3-bedroom apartment for the past seven years hasn’t been easy. This new 5-bedroom house is definitely an upgrade.

Mom and dad aren’t comfortable with English, so their daughter explains how much this new home means.

“This is like a big house that we will be able to put everything that we want in a place we needed to have,” Editha Nyndwi said.

Four of the couple’s eight daughters live with their parents, Bernard and Julienne Nyndwi, in Sioux Falls. The family couldn’t be happier for this day to come.

“This is what we’ve been waiting for, for a long, long time. It’s a dream come true for everyone,” Nyndwi said.

For the past three years, Kum & Go employees have raised money for Habitat for Humanity. The district with the most funds raised earns the right to build a home for a local family.

“We feel that all of our communities and all the members of our communities deserve to have a safe, healthy, happy home,” Carrie Klogg, Director of Philanthropy with Kum & Go, said.

Building the Nyndwi house began last August.

“We’re just so pleased to see the house come to completion,” Klogg said.

At the end of the dedication ceremony, everyone who helped work on the house put together this wall hanging for the family.

The red is for Habitat, the orange is for the family, the pink is for Kum & Go, and the cream is for the volunteers.

Leaving this family with a house is big enough to meet their needs and large enough to hold the well wishes of dozens of volunteers who made it possible.

“I’m really happy today, really happy,” Nyndwi said

Since Kum & Go partnered with Habitat three years ago, they have raised 2-million dollars for Habitats all throughout the communities they represent.