It’s crunch time at Washington Square.

In just over a month the first tenants will be moving into the multi-million dollar downtown Sioux Falls building.

Welcome to the top floor of Washington Square.

“This is what’s selling the condos. It’s this space up on this floor,” Washington Square Partner Chris Houwman said.

Here there’s an outdoor area for both pets and people.

“It’s just so stunning to see this much of a view of downtown and of Sioux Falls,” Houwman said.

The owner’s terrace also has an inside area. Right now you can see the bar and fireplace wall, which will be made of quartzite. The high quality stone is typically even more expensive than granite.

“It never goes out of style,” Houwman said.

The next three floors contain condos. 13 of the 22 are sold, and you can see some of the finishing touches, such as accent wallpaper, alder wood paneling, and light fixtures.
“Condo sales are going so well that we planned a model unit, and we never had time to finish the model unit,” Houwman said.

Condo owners will also have access to private underground parking along with their own car wash.

“In order to get on certain floors, you need access. That access is through electronic locks,” Houwman said.

The newest development at this building is that the office space is now full.

“I wish we would have had another floor of office because I think we would have leased it. I know we would have leased it,” Houwman said.

Meanwhile, the ownership group is still looking for tenants for the main floor. Parlour Ice Cream House will be located here, but they’re looking for a couple more restaurants or retailers. Houwman says he’s not worried though because he believes businesses will be wowed by the final product as soon as they walk in the front door and out on the top floor.

“I think it’s the best view in Sioux Falls,” Houwman said.

Four businesses will have their offices at Washington Square.

L.G. Everist is the anchor tenant.