President Trump’s decision to exit the Paris Climate Agreement has a lot of people talking. The President says the international deal “punishes” US taxpayers and workers. 

Yet, some have concerns about what that could mean for the worldwide effort to end global warming.

Nearly 200 countries including the US signed on to the agreement to reduce emissions blamed for global warming in 2015.  Representative Kristi Noem shared her opinion on Trump’s decision to back out.  

“The president was clear. It’s not that he doesn’t think we can’t pursue some of these types of agreements. It’s just that this one doesn’t work for us,” Representative Kristi Noem said.

South Dakota’s lone House Representative is standing behind President Trump’s plan to abandon the Paris Climate Accord.

“I’ve always had concerns about the Paris agreement. I’m glad that the President is coming back and withdrawing from it and looking at different agreements that could be made to still protect our environment,” Noem said. 

In her opinion, the price of continuing the agreement would have been too costly for Americans.

She says it would be especially taxing on families in South Dakota, a state heavily dependent on natural resources.

“I think that a family in South Dakota can’t afford to pay more on their energy cost and comply with an agreement that other countries didn’t have the same requirement that they were pursuing,” Noem said. 

However, Noem says she still very much supports the effort the fight global warming.
She hopes Trump’s decision doesn’t deter local business from being “green”.

“I think we all still have the freedoms to do all that we can to protect our environment. We see some amazing small businesses and families that are taking huge steps to make sure they’re protecting the environment around them,” Noem said. 

Noem adds that she’s not concerned that Trump’s decision could put a strain on the nation’s relationship with other countries.  She says she’s looking forward to a plan that works for both our country and the world as a whole.