NEW YORK (WTAJ) — WWE superstar Matt Riddle made a serious accusation at John F. Kennedy International Airport that has reportedly prompted Port Authority police to open an internal investigation.

Riddle took to his Instagram and posted a photo of a Port Authority officer with a scathing caption, which the World Wrestling Entertainment star has since deleted.

In the post, Riddle claimed he was sexually assaulted by the officer in the picture even after saying “no.” He went on to say the officer went out of their way to make him feel “small and useless,” though he didn’t go into much detail about the actual alleged act.

However, TMZ reported that Port Authority police were called to JFK Airport for a disorderly person who was getting off a flight. That person turned out to be Riddle, according to the report.

The site went on to say that police spoke with Riddle and multiple witnesses and, while no charges were filed and everyone went on their way, Port Authority officials say they take the allegations seriously and the agency is launching an internal investigation into the accused officer.

Riddle later took to Instagram with a selfie and the caption, “Finally leaving JFK and I never wanna come back here again.”