SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A Sioux Falls firearms dealer is considering helping soldiers in Ukraine in their war effort against Russia.

It can’t give them guns or ammo, but it can provide them with something that would give troops on the ground a distinct advantage.

The United States government is considering sending more money to Ukraine to help it defend itself against Russia.

“If this is about providing them with things like drones or S300 missile defense systems or frankly some MIG fighter jets from Poland there’s going to be a lot of bi-partisan support for that, ” Congressman Dusty Johnson said.

Silencer Central in Sioux Falls could also become a quiet player in that war effort.

Owner Brandon Maddox says the National Shooting Sports Foundation sent out a group email to its members asking how they could help.

“One of the specific requests from Ukraine was suppressors, silencers,” owner Brandon Maddox said.

Silencer Central has plenty of those.

It’s been growing over the last five years; now licensed to do business in 42 states with sales topping $100 million dollars a year.

A silencer, also known as a suppressor, reduces the sound of a gunshot.

Maddox says his suppressors could fit on the military rifles used by Ukrainian soldiers and could help in several ways.

“Sometimes when there is inner-city fighting and if it’s inside, noises are louder, so by having a suppressor shooting indoors it could bring it down where it is hearing safe, so whoever is actually doing the shooting it’s not going to blow their ears out,” Maddox said.

Plus, suppressors would silence Ukrainian rifles.

“If their entire team has suppressors and they hear a shot go off, they’ll know it’s not their people, it could be someone else who is shooting at them,” Maddox said.

And if Ukrainian soldiers get into a nighttime battle, a suppressor would hide the flash from a gun, which would help keep them from showing their position.

Right now, Maddox isn’t sure he can provide the Ukrainians with silencers just yet.

He says there is a lot of paperwork that’s involved and hurdles to jump.