BALTIC, S.D. (KELO) — Ukraine is known as the “breadbasket of Europe.” But many of those farmlands are now war zones.

The war in Ukraine is impacting more than just major cities, it is now impacting the agricultural industry of Ukraine, one man is working to change that.

Roman Grynyshyn has been touring the United States, raising awareness for farmers who have had their land destroyed by the war. This week he’s stopping in Baltic.

According to the International Trade Commission, crop farming makes up 73% of agricultural output for Ukraine. The country is one of the highest exporters of grains like corn, wheat and barley for 26 countries around the world.

“Taking into consideration the numbers, Ukraine is very vital for survival of some of the European countries and Middle East countries,” Grynyshyn said.

To help farmers rebuild, Grynyshyn created the humanitarian organization “World to Rebuild Rural Ukraine“.

“This is what we will live with, however, those who survive, in order to help them return to normal life as soon as possible, we have set up this World to Rebuild Rural Ukraine Project,” Grynyshyn said.

The money raised will be used to rebuild farms and production facilities, replace broken equipment, and provide replacement livestock. Grynyshyn plans to continue spreading his message all across the country.

“This is my role here, is to spread the word about this project,” Grynyshyn said.

A donation link can be found here.

Grynyshyn has worked with many agricultural organizations across South Dakota. He has included his contact information for anyone who wants to contribute or has questions.