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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — As the war in Ukraine continues, more than five million Ukrainians have fled the country. That includes a family of six who arrived in Sioux Falls yesterday from Western Ukraine.

When Nadia and Sergey Voznuyk saw the devastation happening across Ukraine, they knew that they had to do whatever they could to help. They connected with the Tofilo family, offering up their home so they could begin a new chapter here in the United States.

“They lost everything, so we decided that we were going to open our house for people because we cannot just enjoy life knowing some people, my people are suffering there,” Nadia Voznuyk said.

Nadia Voznuykis originally from Ukraine. She’s heartbroken to see the destruction across her home country and wanted to do something to help. That’s when she was able to reach out to the Tofilo family from her hometown to offer them a place to live.

Miroslav, his wife Yulia, their three kids David, Timothy and Illia and their grandma Lyuda heard the Russian bombs dropping on February 21st. They grabbed what they could carry, jumped in their car and drove for almost two days straight to the western part of Ukraine.

The family stayed at a refugee mission for 2 months, hiding from the war. They then evacuated to Poland and Madrid. When the Biden administration opened the border to Ukrainian refugees, the family flew to Mexico and entered the United States.

“We decided to ask this family- just hey guys just come over because you don’t know where. Your future is going to be because they lost everything,” Voznuyk said.

Now the two families are one as they begin a new life here in Sioux Falls.

“He’s expecting those airplanes come and bomb- start bombing the city again,” Voznuyk said.

The family left everything behind, carrying only clothes and a few photos with them. Nadia created a GoFundMe to raise money for the family’s new start. The family is also currently looking for a car.

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