ROGALAND, Norway (WJW) — The wreck of a British submarine lost during World War II has been found after 83 years.

The location is near Rogaland, Norway.

Details of the discovery were outlined in a media release from the Mareano program, which “maps depth and topography, sediment composition, biodiversity, habitats and biotopes, and pollution in the seabed in Norwegian offshore areas,” according to its website.

The researchers initially spotted the wreck in the spring of 2023.

The Royal Navy confirmed it was the HMS Thistle in October.

According to historical records, the Thistle was sunk by a German torpedo on April 10, 1940, as documented in Paul Akermann’s book, “Encyclopedia of British Submarines 1901-1955.”

None of the 53 crew members aboard survived.

Because it was sunk during war, it is considered a war grave, according to officials.