DES MOINES, Iowa — On Wednesday the Governor signed into law the ‘bathroom bill’ that requires people in schools to only use the bathroom in accordance with the sex they were given at birth.

The Iowa Department of Education issued a statement on Thursday stating that the bill would allow for alternative facilities if requested.

“The bill allows school officials to provide alternative facilities to a student upon request with written consent of the parents, provides what reasonable accommodations may include, and provides enforcement mechanisms,” the Iowa Department of Education said in the statement.

Several Iowa schools also released statements following Gov. Reynolds’ signing of the bill into law, stating that they would follow the law.

As a public school district, DMPS is required to comply with the law, including those over which people may have strong feelings or be deeply divided. Nothing has changed in our commitment to welcome and serve our LGBTQ+ population with respect and dignity. DMPS policy along with federal and state laws prohibit discrimination and harassment on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation.

Des Moines Public School District

DMPS also said it would attempt to make accommodations for students who need more privacy.

Ankeny Public School District said in a statement “we will to create a plan, in alignment with SF 482, for those students and families who make individual requests.”

WHO 13 contacted Ames, Waukee, and Fort Dodge public school districts who all said they planned to comply with the new state law.