WASHINGTON, D.C. (KELO) — Senators grilled top drug officials about how to tackle the country’s fentanyl crisis.

“It is the deadliest drug threat our country has ever faced,” said Administrator Anne Milgram with the DEA.

America’s top drug law enforcer warned Congress Wednesday that illegal fentanyl is flowing into all 50 states and stressed she knows who’s responsible.

“Cartels in Mexico,” Milgram said.

Republicans like Texas Senator Ted Cruz blamed the Biden administration for widespread fentanyl deaths and want to shut down the Southern border.

“They have turned Mexican drug cartels into multi-billionaires,” said Senator Ted Cruz (R) Texas.

“It is so lucrative, nothing is going to stop it unless we stop it,” said Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R) Mississippi.

Hyde-Smith says she is co-sponsoring a bill that would make anyone charged with drug or human trafficking crimes ineligible for federal assistance like housing and food stamps.

“Some common sense things that we needed to put some teeth in to prevent,” Hyde-Smith said.

Tennessee Senator Bill Hagerty also wants to crack down on who’s supplying fentanyl to the traffickers.

“If getting China to stop fentanyl production that’s killing hundreds of Americans daily is a top priority, then why didn’t President Biden mention it at the State of the Union?” said Senator Bill Hagerty (R) Tennessee.

While Republicans targeted border issues, Democrats like Virginia Senator Tim Kane said the majority of seized drugs come through legal entry points.

“I’m sure hoping that the president’s budget that comes over here next month asked Congress to do a robust investment in border security at ports of entry,” said Senator Tim Kane (D) Virginia.

President Biden plans to release his budget March 9th, which will likely include money for more equipment and officers to secure the border.