DES MOINES, IOWA — The Salvation Army of Des Moines is back with red kettles out in front storefronts for the holiday season.

The Red Kettle Campaign kicked off officially on November 11 this year and the organization is just at 11% of their fundraising goal of $1.3 million.

“What I like to say to every person is every dollar helps. Every penny helps. It all adds up and it makes an impact. So if you could give a dollar, $5, if you can give $500, just know that you’re going to be a blessing to somebody. When you write that check, when you put that dollar bill into the bucket, you’re impacting somebody’s life,” said Major Butch Frost, the Capital Area Coordinator of the Salvation Army of Des Moines.

There has been several new services added to the Salvation Army’s list this year, including the Social Services Mobile Unit. The bus provides meals to those who need them, and it allows the organization to bring the products right to people’s front door steps. Frost said that the goal is to increase the unit’s service days from three times a week to five.

Frost added that the Salvation Army is in need of volunteers for bell ringers. The kettle collection ends on Christmas eve.